1. 13 May 9pm EST
    CYA COD Black Ops 3
 MAYhem 2vs2 Tournament
    CYA COD Black Ops 3 MAYhem 2vs2 Tournament
    CYA is hosting it's first COD MAYhem tournament. The tournament will be 2vs2 with one member being a CYA member and the other being a person of your choosing. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team. All entries in to the tournament will need to be submitted by Friday 13 May 2016 no later than 9 am EST.The gametype will be 2 vs 2 TDM. To sign up simply send CYA Ugly a message via Xbox Live. Core/Hardcore has not been decided so include your vote in your message along with your partners gamertag. Additional information will follow the closer we get to the tournament so stay tuned. Bracket will be posted before the tournament begins and all CYA participants will need to be on an hour before the tournament begins to iron out any last minute details. If you think of anything I missed please feel free to let me know.